Telugu Rhymes for Windows 10


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“TeluguRhymes” application suitably titled as “Amma Badi”(role of mother as a teacher) to educate Children across the world to learn Telugu in a fun way with some innovative and fancy features.
Long time ago, Mothers used to feed their children by telling stories based on the nature around us like the Moon, Sun, Stars, animals, birds, flowers, trees, rivers, rain, etc. and some times also by singing Songs. But now in the new era, Children/Kids are attracted to see cartoons with some music to its background. If you look in Youtube, we have numerous rhymes, fairy tales, etc., that are posted by different people with different versions. But, people would be confused what the right ones for their Children is. That’s why we came up with this application in an innovative way to showcase the efforts of different people who put their real effort in posting some valuable videos.

Application displays the videos by categorizing them into different folders to create your own playlists. This application also has a BEAUTIFUL feature “Parental Control”, which can be accessed by Settings Icon. This feature enables Parents to create their own playlist’s from different tabs and Kids can play all of them when Parental Control is OFF.
Here are some additional features of the application:
• By default Application displays Favorite videos section which were added when Parental Mode is ON
• Application has different folders All Videos, Popular, New Releases, Favorites, Youtube search. Users can add videos from any of this tabs and it to their Favorites section
Please note:
This application runs only when it’s connected to Internet via WI-FI or Data.

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